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case studies and papers



Effects of Regulation on DPI Deployment by ISPs

Hadi Asghari, Michel van Eeten, Johannes Bauer, Milton L. Mueller, March 2013, Available on SSRN

DPI Technology from the Standpoint of Internet Governance Studies.

Milton L. Mueller, October 2011

The end of the net as we know it? Deep packet inspection and Internet governance.

Ralf Bendrath and Milton L. Mueller, New Media and Society, Vol. 13 (7), 1142 (November 2011)

Case studies

Einstein on the Breach: Surveillance technology, Organizational Change and Cybersecurity

Milton L. Mueller & Andreas Kuehn. 2013 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security

Deep Packet Inspection and Bandwidth Management: Battles over BitTorrent in Canada and the United States

Milton L. Mueller & Hadi Asghari. Telecommunications Policy Vol. 36 (6) 462-475

Policing the Network: Using DPI for Copyright Enforcement

Milton L. Mueller, Andreas Kuehn & Stephanie  Santoso. Surveillance and Society Vol. 9 No. 4, 348-364 (July 2012).

Profiling the Profilers: Deep packet inspection and behavioral advertising in Europe and the U.S.

Milton L. Mueller and Andreas Kuehn.

Available on SSRN

Methodological Study

Internet Measurements and Public Policy: Mind the Gap

Hadi Asghari, Michel van Eeten, Milton L. Mueller, March 2013 Available on SSRN

Analytical model of co-production of technology and governance used in the case studies.

From Bendrath & Mueller (2011)